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My name is Travis Bond and I am a self-taught artist.

As a kid growing up in the country, I spent a lot of time outside drawing the animals on the farm. With just a drawing pad and graphite pencil, it was a passion. So, it was no surprise, when I started my art journey many years later as an adult and self-taught artist, I would again go back to pencils. Pencils of all types; colored pencils, pastel pencils, charcoal pencils, and the tried-and-true graphite pencils. Likewise, from my childhood drawing days, animals as the subject matter seemed my “safe place” to re-start, however, as my skills progressed, my art has expanded into more portraiture and figurative work with a realistic style often combining the different pencil types into one piece.

Creating a work that portrays an expression, conveys a mood, or invokes emotion with something as basic as a pencil is a fulfilling and enriching experience for me. A simple tool, yet a tool that can be used to create an image of complex detail and depth. Drawing with graphite and charcoal pencils to bring an image to life on paper is what inspires me the most, best suits my overall artistic aesthetic and style of realism. The goal for my drawings is to lay the groundwork for a story to be told, allowing the viewer to use their own emotions and imagination to finish it based on their perceptions of what they see.


Please enjoy browsing the galleries and if you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the Contact Form.

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Juried Member in The Best of Missouri Hands, Missouri Artisans Association. Click here to view my profile.



Michelangelo's The Pieta


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